39 Messages From A Child Experiencing Divorce (.MOBI)

39 Messages is the perfect tool to help parents help their children through the difficult divorce process.  Read more below.



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Divorce is an unpleasant, but sometimes necessary thing. Parents often feel great guilt, shame and regret at how it may affect their children.  But there are positive ways to overcome those feelings as well as the challenges your children will face. 39 Messages is the perfect tool to help parents and children talk about and navigate the difficult divorce process.  Each message helps a parent understand the different thoughts and feelings their child may be experiencing, even if the child can’t find a way to put it into words.  Along with each message are corresponding tips for how parents can help their child through the challenge. In the end, by using this tool to understand and better manage the process, parents can prevent years of regret and sorrow that they and their children might otherwise carry.  Rather, they can move forward in a way that helps rebuild each individual and maintain a sense of family although in a different form.  There is hope for all.

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